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Why Professional Dental Teeth Whitening Is Better Than In-Home Kits

Greater awareness of the benefits of clean teeth has led to the popularity of in-home teeth whitening kits. Though they may be more affordable and convenient, professional teeth whitening is a better choice.

That's because in-home kits can damage your gums and teeth, while professional teeth whitening procedures give you whiter teeth instantly without affecting your dental health. Here's why you must choose in-office teeth whitening.

Immediate Results

With DIY teeth whitening kits, it can take weeks to achieve the desired results. On the other hand, professional teeth whitening ensures visible results after a single session. Most of these sessions are 1-1.5 hours long.

During the process, most professionals will include a post-whitening fluoride treatment to minimize tooth sensitivity, which means the results and recovery will be quick.

Time Spent

There's a significant difference between the time required for teeth whitening at home and the dentist's office. You will have to spend at least 1-2 hours daily at home for several weeks so that your teeth can become 3-6 times white.

However, the process only requires 1-2 hours at the dentist's office, leaving your teeth 8 shades whiter.

Dental Safety

Professional teeth whitening is a lot safer than using in-home teeth whitening products. A visit to the dentist means you'll be less stressed about your oral health because they will have the best products to give you a whiter smile.

Moreover, trying to whiten your teeth without following the instructions can damage your gums. Most people leave tooth whitening strips longer than required for immediate results, but this causes pain and leaves gums irritated. Doing so can also wear down tooth enamel and cause more irritation.

Your dentist will give you tips on how to deal with sensitivity because of tooth bleaching for naturally sensitive teeth. They will also recommend the best desensitizers to help prevent extreme tooth sensitivity.

Since teeth whitening may not be suitable for everyone, your dentist will best determine if it's better to proceed with a teeth whitening procedure.

Professional Cosmetic Dentistry in Frisco, Texas

If you're looking for reliable and cost-effective cosmetic dental treatments in Frisco, Texas, Waterfront Family Dentistry has got you covered. Our services not only help improve the appearance of your teeth but also reduce or eliminate sensitivity.

Our experienced practitioners also specialize in wisdom teeth removal, oral surgery extraction, root canal, pediatric dentistry, and more.

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