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Who doesn’t want a picture-perfect smile? We know you do! And that’s why we provide a cutting-edge, highly innovative, and painless treatment for tooth alignment. ClearCorrect is a cosmetic dentistry treatment used to straighten crooked teeth. You’re a good candidate for this procedure if you have overly crowding jaw or an unevenly spaced mouth.


What Does a ClearCorrect Look Like?

At Waterfront Family Dentistry in Frisco, TX, we offer high-quality and professional ClearCorrect treatment. It’s a series of transparent, customized, and removable aligners that gradually realign crooked, uneven teeth and set them into their actual place. These aligners give the impression of a transparent mouth guard.

At our dental clinic, one of our experienced cosmetic dentists will measure the size and of your mouth and get you a custom-fit ClearCorrect. These 3D aligners fit easily into the mouth and don’t cause irritation or pain.

You can get straighter teeth, a beautiful smile, and a boosted self-esteem by choosing to visit our family dental clinic for a ClearCorrect treatment.

Our hospitable family dental clinic offers dental services to people of all age groups. Our team of orthodontics is experienced to perform a range of treatments including cosmetic processes, tooth extraction, pediatric dental services, and more.

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