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Pediatric Dentistry Service

Waterfront Family Dentistry

There’re few things more intimidating for a child than being taken to the dentist—the stranger who takes away their candy and intimidates them with sharp objects.

Unfortunately, much of this fear stems from a misguided notion of good oral hygiene, which seems more like a chore, and less of a necessity.

While it is difficult to teach children the importance of dental care, there are ways to eliminate their fears without coming up with elaborate stories about “teeth monsters”.

Pediatric dentistry is one of them.

Here, at Waterfront Family Dentistry, we provide dental services to the young and old—people of all ages and backgrounds, with all kinds of dental issues.

Led by Dr. Lavanya Rudrapatna, a senior dentist with two children of her own, we understand the difference between treating an adult and treating a child—bringing on board over 13 years of practice in pediatric dentistry!

Based in Texas with locations in Frisco, Plano, Little Elm and The Colony, Waterfront Family Dentistry caters to children of all ages, emphasizing on positive interaction, raising awareness and offering friendly solutions to ensure that your little boy or girl receives the safest, most effective dental treatment.

With a persistent focus on regular brushing, flossing and routine check-ups, we instill in your child the awareness of maintaining good oral hygiene—helping them develop a strong and healthy set of teeth through preventive care.

Pediatric dentistry is an excellent way to introduce your child to the world of dental care.

All of our pediatric dental equipment is designed exclusively for children, to make their session educational, fun and truly rewarding.

Remember, prevention is better than cure—especially when it comes to children. Schedule an appointment with us today and make sure your kids are always smiling!

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