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The Right Age for Kids to Start Brushing Their Teeth

Dental hygiene is as important in kids as in adults. They should be encouraged to take care of their oral health. You shouldn't neglect their dental hygiene even when they have temporary baby teeth. You can develop good oral care habits in your children by insisting on oral care from an early age.

A good oral care routine will help develop proper eating capabilities, permanent teeth, and speech patterns.

Here is a guideline for early dental care for your children recommended by pediatric dentists.

For Children Aged 0 to 3 Years

Teeth emerge after a child turns 3 months old. Even before this, you should start wiping their gums with a washcloth or a specialized gum brush available in the market. When the first few teeth appear, start brushing their teeth using a rice-grain-sized amount of toothpaste and soft-bristle toothbrush.

It's very important to use the smallest amount of toothpaste, so it wouldn't be a problem if your children swallowed the toothpaste. It's also recommended to take your kids to a family dentist on their first birthday.

For Children Aged 3 to 5 years

At the age of 3, you can start using a pea-sized amount of toothpaste and encourage your kid to rinse their mouth and spit after brushing. You can also let them brush their own teeth under your supervision.

At this age, the hand-eye coordination of most children is not very good. So, even if they have brushed their own teeth, you should do it again properly.

For Children Aged 6 and Above

This is the age when children can learn to clean their teeth properly. You can teach them techniques of brushing by visual demonstration, so they don't miss any part. At the start, you might have to supervise them, but once they get into the habit of brushing, they'll be able to do a good job by themselves.

However, your job here isn't done yet. You might have to remind them daily about brushing, as many kids would rather skip this uninteresting and tedious task.

Preventive Dentistry For Kids

It's always a great idea to take your kids for regular dental checkups. This will help detect any dental issues early. This will also teach them the importance of oral health.

Waterfront Family Dentistry has very professional and competent pediatric dentists in Frisco, TX. You can book an appointment for your kids.

We offer quality dental services, including teeth whitening, teeth cleaning, emergency dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry.


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