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Teeth Grinding: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Most people who have a habit of grinding their teeth wouldn’t even know they do. People with this condition grind or clench their teeth, resulting in damage. They could unconsciously do this when they are awake or when they are asleep. Here are some ways you can learn how to spot teeth grinding and the treatments for it.

Teeth grinding can cause headaches, damage to teeth, and even jaw disorders. A mild condition of teeth grinding may not require treatment, but if it’s an intense and prolonged condition, then treatment may be necessary.


Symptoms of teeth grinding can be best observed by examining the teeth closely. If the teeth are chipped, flattened, or fractured, then it could be because of teeth grinding. The enamel could be worn out, exposing the layers underneath.

Constant pressure on the teeth could also cause heightened pain and make them extra sensitive. The symptoms could also be observed affecting other areas of the body. People who grind teeth also experience a locked or tight jaw muscle which could cause the jaw not to close completely. They would also experience pain in the temples and ears. The grinding may also have caused damage to the inside of the cheek, and sleep also becomes problematic for people suffering from teeth grinding. They could experience disruptions and the sound of teeth grinding can be so loud it can wake them up.


There are several reasons why people may grind their teeth. Increased stress, a family history with teeth grinding, and personality factors all come into play. Teeth grinding is also common for children and usually goes away in adulthood. This could also be a side effect of other medications.


Possible solutions to the problem could vary from person to person. If your dentist sees it fit, they could use a fitted mouth guard. Other forms of treatment would be activities that aim to reduce stress and anxiety. A change in diet may also be required to cut down on caffeine and sugar. Since this condition is common in children, you should take your children for regular dental appointments to spot any problems early on.

Teeth grinding is a painful condition. Before applying any solutions yourself, you should consult your dentist for treatment before it gets worse. If you’re looking for a family dentist in Frisco for your children, then Waterfront Family Dentistry can help you! We provide a range of dental services from preventative to cosmetic ones. Contact us at 972-987-4343 to book your appointment.


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