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Pros and Cons of Wisdom Teeth Removal—A Comprehensive Guide

Dental health is generally riddled with false myths, bad habits and erroneous advice that can be very harmful. And the most common hoaxes that circulate tend to have wisdom teeth as protagonists. These teeth are the favorites of almost everyone when it comes to telling terrible experiences that happened to distant relatives.

The most common question is if it's necessary to remove wisdom teeth. There is so much misinformation regarding this issue that it has developed a fear. So it is better to forget everything you hear from your friends or on the street and pay attention to the specialist dentist treating you.

As specialists in wisdom teeth removal in Frisco, we share a comprehensive guide about this procedure, the common myths, and its pros and cons to help you gain useful insights into this procedure.

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last molars to erupt. They are positioned in the posterior part of the jaw, the last dental pieces in it.

Usually, they erupt after the age of 16. For this reason, it was always understood that these dental pieces appeared when people became adults and began to have more judgment than a child—hence, their name.

The big problem is that not all patients have a place for the last molars to erupt. That's why it is common for people to have certain pains, inflammation, or infections in the area, which is why wisdom teeth removal sometimes becomes necessary to avoid this discomfort and possible future problems.

Is it Really Good to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

On this subject, popular culture has invented many legends and recommendations with little or nothing to do with the regular dental practice.

Although there is no absolute answer to whether it is necessary to remove wisdom teeth, extraction is only recommended when one of the teeth is not erupting as it should.

Therefore, if the wisdom teeth are coming in well, they align correctly with the rest of the teeth, and the gums that cover the cord area are healthy, wisdom teeth removal is not recommended.

But this does not always happen since some patients suffer discomfort during the eruption.

Pros and Cons of Wisdom Teeth Removal


●Avoid Pain and Discomfort: The patient recovers oral health by not suffering the pain caused by wisdom teeth growth.

If the molars do not come out correctly, they will be retained, impacted against the second molar, and even embedded in the jaw bone. In these cases, it is logical that pain occurs and removing wisdom teeth becomes necessary.

●Prevents Future Problems: If the wisdom teeth have not emerged, they can cause cysts or damage to the root of the second tooth. In this case, it is also convenient to remove them. Plus, the removal of wisdom teeth eliminates the risk of suffering infections or deviations from the rest of the dental pieces.

●Prevents Infections in the area of ​​soft tissue near the wisdom teeth. Since it is a difficult area to brush and infectious processes usually occur in this area, wisdom teeth removal eliminates this risk.


●Painful: Removing wisdom teeth can cause higher-than-usual pain. But the discomfort is less, thanks to the current anesthesia systems. If the pain is excessive, the dentist can prescribe a pain reliever.

●Swelling: There may be slight swelling depending on how the wisdom teeth were coming in. But applying a little ice to the face or taking an anti-inflammatory can improve it.

●Infection: After the intervention, infections can occur. That's why dentists prescribe antibiotics. Remember to take them for as many days as your trusted dentist in the area approves.

●Bruising: These extractions usually cause the appearance of bruises or discoloration in the jaw area 2 or 3 days after the extraction. Don't be scared if they appear; applying moist heat will quickly improve the bruising.

Still don't know if you should have your wisdom teeth removed? Leave this matter to the Waterfront Dentistry experts!

Looking for the Best Dentist in the Area for Wisdom Teeth Removal? Contact Waterfront Family Dentistry!

If you notice certain discomfort caused by the eruption of your wisdom teeth, contact Waterfront Family Dentistry, a leading dental clinic providing top-notch professional dental services to Frisco, Little Elm, Plano, and The Colony residents.

Our specialized dentist will assess the state of your mouth and determine the causes of this discomfort and the most appropriate treatment to eradicate it.

Call 972-987-4343 or visit the website for your dentist appointment!


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