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Pediatric Dentistry 101

Good oral habits begin in childhood. Children who engage in healthy oral care practices early on in their lives face fewer dental problems. These habits set the stage for overall good oral health. This saves them from many oral health problems including, cavities, gum infections, and premature tooth discoloration.

Pediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry that treats dental problems in children. A pediatric dentist is a certified professional, who specializes in caring for children’s dental needs from their childhood to teenage years. These dentists guide parents on how to engage their children in healthy oral habits. They also tell parents about the kind of foods their children need to avoid in order to keep their teeth healthy and strong.

This blog is going to be a comprehensive guide on pediatric dentistry including its uses and advantages for children.

Who is a Pediatric Dentist?

A pediatric dentist treats different dental problems in children from their childhood to teenage years. They have the right qualifications and training for treating different oral health problems in children. These problems commonly include gum infections, cavities, teeth yellowing, tooth infections, and misaligned teeth.

Early dental care is essential to make sure that the new teeth grow smooth and straight. Lack of early dental care can result in lifelong oral health complications and painful diseases. This is why dentists worldwide encourage the practice of pediatric dentistry.

Why is Pediatric Dentistry Important?

The importance of pediatric dentistry is paramount. It helps children develop healthy oral habits that set the foundation for optimized oral health. It’s common for children to struggle with dental problems as they begin teething. Sometimes, the teeth grow in irregular shape and become crooked. Treating such oral problems early on ensures quick results.

Pediatric dentists also counsel parents for building healthy oral habits in their children. For instance, whether to use a pacifier or the adverse impacts of thumb sucking on teeth alignment. Different orthodontists in the field of pediatric dentistry assesses the teeth straightening and resolves the problems with the bite shape and size.

Benefits of Pediatric Dentistry for Your Children

Proper Training for Oral Care

It’s common for children to engage in poor oral habits. For instance, eating foods that cause teeth discoloration or skipping brushing and flossing. Pediatric dentists can detect these habits early on and suggest healthy oral care habits.

Keeps Your Children Safe from Dental Emergencies

Sometimes, infections in the mouth can go unnoticed and result in tooth decay. Such emergencies call for immediate tooth removal or root canal treatments. However, routine dental visits help to rule out hidden mouth infections.

Routine Orthodontic Examination

A pediatric dentist can notice the teeth' misalignment and refer you to an orthodontist. Orthodontists are professionals that ensure teeth alignment. These professionals check if your child needs braces.

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