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Missing Tooth? Here's Why You Need To Replace It Now!

You can lose a tooth due to a variety of reasons, like accidents or tooth decay. Your dentist will urgently fill out the space in your mouth to preserve your oral health. A missing tooth is like a vacation spot for bacteria due to accumulated food particles in gum pockets.

Read this blog to find out more about why you need to get a missing tooth replacement right away!

1. To Control Tooth Damage

You might think a missing tooth can mean no harm, but the truth is it can be detrimental. The rest of your teeth will need to work harder, impacting their health. Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t end there; it can cause tooth loss, too.

In addition, tooth damage can lead to dental issues impacting your oral health. Gum health loss is the quickest way to lose your teeth and experience jaw bone erosion, minimizing your chances of restorative dental processes such as implants or dentures.

2. To Avoid Risks of TMJ Disorder

The temporomandibular joint is located on each side of our jaw. This joint acts functions as a sliding hinge and helps us chew. TMJ disorders cause individuals to experience excruciating pain in the jaw and the muscles responsible for jaw movement. Any alteration in your teeth or muscles can lead to TMJ disorders, an improper bite, or even headaches due to persistent jaw pain.

3. Bone Resorption

A missing tooth quickly eats away at the bone in the area. One missing tooth causes all other teeth in the jaw to misalign, creating a gap, or even causing crookedness in the gums and jaw. If left unattended for longer periods, this also causes facial symmetry changes and contributes to changing facial features.

You can lose a tooth in many ways, but it is crucial to get it replaced to avoid serious issues like periodontitis and bone erosion. Ask your dentist about the possible tooth replacement options, so you know what to expect before you step into the clinic before your procedure.

Got A Dental Problem? Our Professional Dental Services Are Just For You!

At Waterfront Family Dentistry, we value our patient's comfort above everything else. We have laser-assisted procedures and surgeries to avoid invasive surgeries for our patients. Our team of experts provides pediatric services with extra care. Our panel of cosmetic dentists and emergency dentists cater to various problems under one roof.

You can know more about our dental services by contacting us or booking an appointment with us here!


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