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How Is Invisalign Better Than Regular Braces

Both braces and aligners are designed to give you the perfect teeth. Braces include metal brackets glued to your teeth and tied by wires and small rubber bands. Invisalign refers to invisible retainers that put pressure on the teeth to align and straighten them.

Comparing both options is a tough debate, but if you are a person who tends to be self-conscious, then Invisalign may be the better option for you. Here are some facts that indicate that Invisalign is a better choice than regular braces.

Comfort Level

Retainers are made of multilayer polyurethane plastic resin specially made to straighten teeth. It is easy to use and very comfortable.

The retainers slowly move the alignment of the teeth while comfortably placed on your teeth. On the other hand, braces push against gums and cause inflammation as well as irritation.


Most people avoid teeth straightening procedures like braces as it makes your face and lips swollen. On the other hand, Invisalign is invisible and makes self-conscious people more comfortable in public. Straightening your teeth can now be done without anyone noticing the appliance.

Easy To Remove

Unlike braces, retainers can be removed easily without causing pain. It makes flossing and cleaning your teeth easier.

No Food Restrictions

Since aligners can be taken out easily, you can eat whatever you desire. While with braces, you have to avoid certain food items like chewing gums, caramel, hard candies, popcorn, etc.

Easy To Clean

Taking the retainers out makes them easy to clean. You can soak them in lukewarm water then gently cleanse them with a toothbrush. In comparison, with braces, you first have to use a regular toothbrush, then a smaller brush to clean between the brackets, and finish the cleaning process with mouthwash.

Less Dental Visits

The orthodontist in Invisalign treatment provides you with a set of retainers in advance, so you can continue the treatment while at home. You only have to make a dentist appointment every three months to collect a new pair of retainers. While with braces, you have to visit the dentist every two weeks.

Treatment Time

The treatment period completely depends on the patient’s condition, but according to recent research, Invisalign works faster than braces. While braces take two to three years, Invisalign takes six to eighteen months usually.

Overall oral health and teeth straightening should not be taken lightly. If you need help choosing the right treatment, visit the nearest dentist to get a perfect smile.

If you’re in Frisco and looking for dental services and teeth straightening, we’re here to help. At Waterfront Family Dentistry, we accept most insurance, and our mission is to provide professional and efficient dental services using the latest technology. Contact us today to set up an appointment.


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