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At What Age Should a Child Stop Seeing a Pediatric Dentist?

Children frequently neglect their dental health due to laziness or a lack of understanding of the consequences of poor oral hygiene. However, by bringing your kids to the dentist regularly, you can ensure they have good oral health for the rest of their lives. A whole field of specialization in Pediatric dentistry is all about how to treat baby teeth. So, before cavities and tooth decay manifest, a dentist in the area may examine them, preventing youngsters from suffering from a variety of health problems and pain in the future.

Now the question is, at what age should your kid stop seeing a Pediatric dentist? Well, the most common answer is 18. Yet is it really 18? No, all children are different, so one cannot define an age bracket at which a kid should stop seeing a Pediatric dentist.

Here are of the factors that may help you see if this is the right time to leave the Pediatric dentist and move on to an adult dentist.

Things You Need To Consider Before Switching Your Kid's Dentist

What is the number of baby teeth your kid lost?

The first thing to consider is how many baby teeth remain in your kid's mouth. If there is even one in the set, you need to wait for it to break and a new one to grow before switching your dentist. This is because Pediatrics are baby teeth experts and know how to treat any kid with baby teeth. If your kid has grown all adult teeth, then yes, it is time to stop seeing the Pediatric. This may not be a very hard and fast rule set in stone, but it is a potential factor worth weighing in.

Is Your Kid Uncomfortable With The Pediatric Checkup?

Many kids during the transformational phase to their late teenage find themselves in awkward positions visiting a Pediatric. If so, you may think of changing the dentist because, in the end, patients (of any age) must be satisfied and trust the treatment they receive.

Does Your Child Have Any Special Physical Needs?

This is quite an important factor to weigh in. Children with physical needs tend to bond well with their Pediatric dentists, so switching does not help them. Additionally, the Pediatrics for such children are well aware of the patient history and can treat them well.


Are you looking for a Pediatric or an adult dentist in Frisco, Texas? Waterfront Dental can take care of you! The majority of specialists advise taking children to the dentist at six months, just as their first tooth emerges. The most amount of time you may wait is a year at max, although it is highly advised to go to a dentist's office during this period. Dentists can give parents the necessary knowledge to care for their baby's teeth properly. Additionally, parents can bring older children to the same dental office so that they will learn about how to take care of their teeth.


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