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5 Oral Health Tips For Teen Dental Care

The transition from childhood to adulthood brings new challenges for your oral health. Braces, wisdom teeth, bad breath, dental caries are likely to appear during your teen years, making you more susceptible to dental decay and disease.

If you’re a teenager who’s struggling to keep up with their dental hygiene, this blog will guide you on how to get through the teenage years with a perfect smile.

Look Out For Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are most likely to appear during your teenage years. Most of the time, they grow unevenly due to a lack of space to emerge from the gums. As a result, they damage the surrounding teeth. Hence, it’s best to get them removed before any serious dental issues arise.

Don’t Skip Regular Checkups

Hormonal changes during puberty make teens more susceptible to periodontal disease. Your gums get extremely sensitive due to changes in your progesterone and estrogen levels. The soft in your mouth is inflamed and at a higher risk of getting infections. Hence, you shouldn’t skip your regular dental appointments during this time.

If you experience irritation in your gums, schedule an appointment with Waterfront Family Dentistry as soon as possible to get the issue addressed immediately.

Think Twice Before Getting Oral Piercings

Teenage is a time when you might want to experiment with piercings. One option people often go for is oral piercings. These include getting your tongue, lips, cheek pierced. According to a survey, about 20 people got their tongues pierced and 9 lip piercings in 2020. 

However, oral piercings can cause multiple problems like fractured teeth, gum injuries, etc. Contact your dentist before getting any oral piercings to be well aware of any potential dangers.

Wear Mouth Guards When Playing Risky Sports

High-power sports like football, basketball, baseball get intense as you grow up. The dangers of dental injuries and broken teeth increase as you play them in your high school years. Broken or jagged teeth can be costly to fix and can also cause infections if not treated immediately.

Wearing a mouth guard will minimize the risk of dental injuries while you enjoy the high-octane sport.

Say No to Smoking

Be it because of peer pressure or mere thrill, teenagers often take up smoking as a regular practice. Whatever the reason is, smoking is detrimental to your overall health. Tobacco in smoke can lead to multiple oral health problems like bad breath, mouth cancer, teeth discoloration, etc. The problems continue to worsen if you don’t quit smoking. So while smoking does look to be something very cool, avoid falling into the trap.

For high-quality dental care across Frisco, visit our Waterfront Family Dentistry. From tooth extraction services to cosmetic dentistry, we offer many pediatric dentistry services.

Reach out to us to know more about our services.


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