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5 Common Myths About Dental Care

When it comes to taking care of your teeth, there are plenty of myths about dental care and oral health that exist to this day, much to the frustration of dentists. Dental care is largely misunderstood and can lead to a number of health issues if left untreated.

It’s important to understand that by conforming to some of the myths surrounding dental care, we may be damaging our teeth without knowing it.

Here are 5 common myths about dental care that you should stop believing right now!

Don’t go to the dentist if you’re not in pain

Believing this myth can land you in a world of trouble. By the time you go to the dentist after experiencing pain, it’s already gone too far. You may have heard “Prevention is better than cure” before and it’s especially true in this case.

By going to see your dentist regularly, you can take preemptive action against any infection that may be forming or any treatment that may be required. This can save you both time and money spent on lengthy procedures that you may have to undergo if a serious condition develops.

Baby teeth are not important

Many parents brush aside the loss of their child’s baby teeth as a sign of them growing up. While that may be true, baby teeth require great care because if cavities are not addressed, it may be possible that tooth loss can come earlier than normal. This causes space to develop between teeth which may look less aesthetically appealing.

Diet sodas are less harmful than sodas

Since diet sodas are sugar-free, people believe that they are not as harmful for your teeth as regular sodas. While diet sodas don’t have any cavity causing sugars in them, their acidic nature makes them just as harmful as regular sodas. This acid weakens the enamel and causes sensitivity.

Brushing harder leads to better results

We have all been guilty of believing this myth at some point in our lives. Brushing too hard can severely damage your gums and teeth. The ideal brushing technique involves moving the toothbrush in a gentle, circular motion.

If you have already developed a habit of brushing too hard then it’s highly recommended that you move to an electric toothbrush that does the work for you!

Stop brushing and flossing if your gums are bleeding

Avoiding brushing and flossing for any reason can damage your oral health. Our gums bleed due to inflammation which is caused by bacteria and plaque getting stuck between them. This is caused by a poor brushing technique, and the only way to stop bleeding gums is by flossing and brushing more regularly with a better technique.

By doing this, you can remove the bacteria that’s causing irritation and bleeding. If bleeding persists, then you should visit a dentist immediately.

Dental care impacts the health of your entire body so if you’re experiencing dental problems, be sure to visit Waterfront Family Dentistry. We’re a well respected dental clinic in Frisco, TX, that makes sure that your oral health is maintained.

Whether it’s cosmetic dentistry or wisdom tooth removal, we offer a range of services that are sure to leave our customers satisfied. Call now at 972-987-4343 to schedule an appointment!

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