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Can You Benefit From Invisalign Teeth Straightening?

If you have crooked teeth and didn’t undergo orthodontic treatment in your teenage years, you may feel like there’s nothing you can do about it as an adult. Uneven and overcrowded teeth can keep you from looking your very best. Braces are still an option for adults but most people are reluctant about wearing them when they are older…this is where Invisalign alignment comes in.

Invisalign was created to allow adults to straighten their teeth without being forced to wear metal braces.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a system of braces made out of transparent materials and serves as an alternative to traditional metal braces. Studies have proven that Invisalign alignment is almost as effective as braces. Braces can be used to treat more complex issues such as bridgework, back-biting, etc. but if you just have slightly crooked teeth, Invisalign is perfect for you.

Benefits of Invisalign:

  1. It’s transparent: The greatest advantage is that it is virtually invisible meaning adults can use it without being conscious about their appearance.

  2. It can be removed whenever it is necessary: One of the biggest inconveniences of metal braces is that they can be a nuisance when it comes to eating. With Invisalign all that trouble can be avoided because they can be easily removed. There’s no need to avoid sticky, chewy food or contact sports when you have Invisalign; simply remove them whenever you need to.

  3. It’s easy to clean: People with braces have to use a special brush and clean around every bracket; it can take a good 20 minutes. Cleaning Invisalign is much easier since you can actually remove them.

How It Works:

The process of Invisalign alignment is very different from braces. Braces require monthly visits to the orthodontist where the orthodontist asses the progress and tightens the metal wires accordingly.

Invisalign gives more control to the patient. Patients will be given a series of braces to accommodate changes in the mouth. After wearing a brace for some time, patients should be able to move on to the next one. Each brace is created using a cast of your mouth and made to fit around each individual tooth. This limits the soreness of gums and the discomfort caused by the shifting of teeth.

Getting Invisalign

If you think Invisalign teeth alignment is for you, consult a dentist. A dentist will examine your teeth using X-rays, dental impressions and photos to determine whether or not your teeth can be straightened with Invisalign. For more complex alignment issues, the dentist may recommend an alternative treatment.

At Waterfront Family Dentistry in Frisco, we provide comprehensive dental services that include orthodontic services such as Invisalign alignment and braces. Our experienced orthodontists can treat issues such as overcrowding, front teeth protrusion, asymmetrical teeth, spacing and more.

In addition to orthodontic services, we also offer cosmetic dentistry service, wisdom tooth removal, root canal and oral surgery extractions.

If you live in Frisco, Little Elm or The Colony, Texas and require dental services, book an appointment with Waterfront Family Dentist today by calling 972-987-4343

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