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What Should You Eat After Dental Surgery?

People undergo many oral surgeries every year, from removing wisdom teeth to tooth extraction. According to research, almost five million people undergo wisdom tooth surgery every year, but how they choose to recover from the pain is up in the air.

Diet plays a major role when recovering from dental complications. It is advisable to avoid crunchy food and add nutritious food to your diet. Here we list some food items that can help you gain energy after oral surgery.

Soups and Broths

Soups and broths are both delicious and nutritious. They have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the recovery period. Soup will help you stay hydrated and benefit your overall health. Make sure not to add any chunky bits, or they could cause harm to the wounded area. Also, it would help if you did not consume them when piping hot.


Fewer things are more nutritious than a smoothie when you can't have solid foods. You can choose various ingredients such as fruits and vegetables according to your nutritional needs. They are easy to make, require minimum ingredients and are easy to digest. Make sure you choose seedless fruits, so it doesn't affect the wounded area.  


You can't opt for oatmeal right after surgery as it can be a little chewy but it is a good source of fiber. It is great to have it at least 3-4 days after your oral surgery. Adding mashed bananas for extra flavor can make it even tastier. 

Greek Yogurt

Dairy products are high-protein food that can aid in recovery after surgery. Greek Yogurt can soothe the wound as it has a creamy texture. It also contains zinc, calcium, and other important nutrients that help a speedy recovery. 


Eggs are easy to make and one of the best foods to consume after oral surgeries, thanks to the high protein content. Out of all the recipes, scrambled eggs can be your best friend.

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Brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist are all things we're probably very familiar with when maintaining our oral health after surgery. Many individuals are unaware, however, that several popular foods and beverages could significantly impact your teeth.

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