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The Tooth Fairy's Guide to Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is a key branch within dentistry that is in charge of oral health care for children and adolescents. It is the most important dentistry specialty as it mainly concerns the maintenance of the oral health of little ones.

A pediatric dentist is a professional who determines the future of the child's teeth. The monitoring and follow-up of the child's oral health are extremely important and require a strong preventive need because, at this age, maintaining good oral health can help avoid many teeth and gum diseases in the future. Regular visits to the pediatric dentist allow parents to become aware of their child's teeth and overall oral health and be active in helping them maintain good oral hygiene.

As specialists in pediatric dentistry in Frisco, here's our guide to help you understand its importance.

Pediatric Dentistry and Milk Teeth

The main characteristic of pediatric dentistry and how it differs from general dentistry is that it is the branch that treats temporary or milk teeth, which will later have an important influence on permanent teeth. Remember that the dental transformations the little ones go through stages do not occur in their adult years. Therefore, managing oral health in childhood is essential to avoid future problems.

In addition to exploring and treating children, a pediatric dentist also detects if there is any abnormality in the teeth or jaw and then refers the child to orthodontic dentistry, for example. They also regularly deal with dental trauma, very common up to 10 years of age, and they place sealants to prevent the appearance of cavities.

Pediatric dentistry services are similar to treatments for adults; however, some treatments are designed exclusively for younger children. These exclusivities, for the most part, are due to differences in dental training between a child and an adult.

As Waterfront Dentistry recommends, the first visit to the pediatric dentist should be approximately when the child is one year old. The objective is to conduct a thorough review of the gums and jaw to detect problems and receive key information for correct oral hygiene, diet, and habits, which may be related to the use of a pacifier or a bottle, among others.

From here on, check-ups should be regular to take maximum care of the children's smiles and avoid future oral problems. Any untreated dental disease can negatively affect the minor as an adult.

Points Checked During Pediatric Dental Consultations

In general, what will be done with the child during the pediatric consultation goes through one of the points below:

  • Prevention: One of the main reasons a child should go to the dentist is to get proper prevention. Thanks to regular visits, the dentist can identify possible problems and thus prevent their aggravation.

  • Cavities: Another reason is the prevention and treatment of cavities. Frequent consumption of sugars and sugary drinks is enough for the appearance of caries. Indeed, children are more susceptible to dental caries, so it is important to be careful and vigilant.

  • Fluoride: The application of fluoride is another reason to bring the child to the dentist. This fluoride is important because it will prevent the appearance of dental caries and will protect the enamel of the teeth.

  • Control dental plaque: Children need a lot of attention to prevent the appearance of cavities. One of the main reasons for visiting the dentist is to remove plaque from food buildup and lack of strength when brushing teeth.

  • Orientation and Information: Another purpose of dental appointments for children is education! It is important to explain the procedures for oral hygiene and teach them educationally "good manners" so that they take care of their teeth.

Looking for the Best Pediatric Dentist in Frisco, TX? Reach Out the Waterfront Family Dentistry!

If you want the best dentist for kids in Frisco, contact Waterfront Family Dentistry. We are specialized in pediatric dentistry and a range of other dental services. The oral health of the little ones is essential for us, so we offer the best care for each patient.

A visit to the dentist for children is usually a time of anxiety. Thus, to avoid these periods of stress, we have specific and tested strategies so that everything goes well and that the child remains calm. In this way, the expectations and doubts of future dental appointments will not be the same, and they will be positive.

Contact us to make a dentist appointment for your child.


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