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The Benefits of Water Fluoridation

Fluoride plays a pivotal role in keeping our teeth healthy. When we eat sugary, starchy, and other unhealthy food, the bacteria in our mouths produce acid. This acid can wear away our tooth's enamel.

Fluoride can help rebuild and strengthen the enamel.

Here’s how water fluoridation can benefit your dental health.

Preventing Tooth Decay

Our tooth decays when the acid from the food we eat starts attacking our tooth’s surface, the enamel. Once the enamel wears away, our teeth are unprotected, which means bacteria can damage them and cause cavities or tooth decay.

Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t end there; these cavities can further damage your teeth, leading to tooth loss. However, water fluoridation can help prevent these problems. It can prevent tooth decay by providing your teeth with a healthy amount of fluoride needed to strengthen it.

Fluoride in the water stops the cavities from forming while rebuilding the tooth’s enamel.

Water Fluoridation Can Strengthen the Teeth

It’s not easy to take away sweets from your children and make them follow a dental routine. However, water fluoridation can help. Water fluoridation can strengthen your child’s teeth by protecting and reinforcing the enamel. Not to forget, it can also make your teeth stronger.

Improved Dental Health

Your dental health will improve when your teeth get a good amount of fluoride. As a result, dental problems will decrease. Another benefit of water fluoridation is it’s a cost-efftecive way of improving your dental health.

Sure, other fluoride-containing products, like mouth rinses, toothpaste, dietary supplements, etc., can keep your teeth healthy. However, water fluoridation is an economical way to provide fluoride to adults and children.

Do you need a dentist in Frisco, Tx, to help you improve your dental health? Waterfront Family Dentistry can help.

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