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Teeth Whitening: FAQs

Not everyone is blessed with healthy teeth, regardless of how often you brush them. You can always go for a teeth whitening session to wash away your insecurities and get a perfect smile. After all, a smile is a noteworthy feature and helps you create a long-lasting impression.

There are several teeth whitening products that you can try DIY to brighten your teeth. However, it's always more rewarding and safer to seek experienced dentists in Frisco, TX, to do the work for you. That reduces your risks of using the wrong solution and causing further damage to your natural teeth.

If you're thinking of getting a teeth whitening treatment, you may have several questions on your mind. Here's everything you need to know about teeth whitening treatment:

Is the Treatment Safe?

ADA recommends most OTC whitening products as they have minimal abrasive chemicals. Despite this, you should verify the products before opting for the treatment. Be aware of the complications and what can be done in such circumstances.

Will It Cause Sensitivity?

Patients usually experience sensitivity after dental treatments, especially after teeth whitening. Discussing all the possibilities with your dentist beforehand is recommended so you would have an idea about treating sensitivity.

How Long Will It Take?

Professional whitening treatment can work in less than an hour. However, people with deeper stains may require more than one sitting to get those pearly whites. The length of treatment depends upon various factors such as:

  1. Your natural tooth color

  2. Lifestyle habits such as smoking/drinking

  3. The treatment you choose.

Get Professional Help in Frisco, TX

We all want to make a perfect first impression wherever we go. A crooked smile leaves a bad first impression and can affect your self-esteem.

If you want teeth whitening treatment in Frisco, Texas, consider expert dentists at Waterfront Family Dentistry. We offer advanced dental procedures, including general dentistry, pediatric, wisdom tooth removal, and more. Our dental cosmetologists bring back your confident smile with a range of dental services, including tooth whitening, veneers, bridges, and crowns.

Contact us for more information, or book an appointment to schedule a consultation with our dentists in the area.


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