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Oral Piercings: A Dentist’s Perspective

Oral piercings are quite popular amongst teenagers and young adults. While they may look cool, they carry a significant drawback. Piercings on other areas of the body can have their side effects but there are many more complications that can arise from oral piercings. Here are some things you should be cautious about when considering getting oral piercings.

Infection and Damage

Oral piercings can cause a number of complications to your oral health. Teeth can be damaged or chipped. The risk of inflammation, infection, and bleeding around the areas where the piercing is done can also increase. As oral piercing can be prone to infections, there could be an unusual or colored discharge coming from it. The piercing should be disinfected properly after it is done, to prevent any risk of infection from occurring. Immediate treatment would be required to alleviate this condition. Regular visits to the dentist after the piercing procedure can also help to prevent infections early on. 

Choking Hazard

People with oral piercings can also experience trouble with speech and this could be discomforting in the long run. The piercing may graze against the skin inside the mouth and cause bleeding and sores to occur and form permanent scars. If the piece of jewelry loosens, this could be a choking hazard. If it is accidentally swallowed, it may be dangerous for internal digestive and respiratory organs. Immediate medical help will be required. 


In some scenarios, the piercing jewelry may even become embedded deep inside and would require surgery to be removed. The airways can be obstructed and this could be dangerous for people who experience respiratory problems. The salivary glands can produce more saliva due to the piercings and this can be discomforting. During the piercing procedure, if a blood vessel is punctured, bleeding will occur for a long time which may cause other issues.

The drawbacks of oral piercings outnumber the benefits. If you have preexisting oral diseases, they could become worse due to piercings. It is crucial to consult your dentist before you get the procedure to ensure that you are aware of all the risks which could be encountered afterward.

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