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How Women's Dental Health Is Affected By Their Hormones

Did you know hormonal changes don’t just affect your mood or weight, but they can also affect your dental health?

There are five phases in a woman’s life when hormone fluctuations influence their dental health—puberty, during their menstrual cycle, during pregnancy, at menopause, and while taking birth control pills.

Our dentists in Frisco, Tx, have discussed each phase in detail and their effect on our dental health.


During puberty, there’s a surge in the production of hormones like progesterone and estrogen, increasing the blood flow to your gums. This can change how our gum tissue reacts to irritants. Sometimes, the gum tissue can swell up, become tender, red, and likely to bleed while flossing or brushing.

The Menstrual Cycle

Some women experience dental health changes like swollen and bleeding gums, canker sores, swollen salivary glands, etc., during their menstrual cycle. Menstrual gingivitis usually occurs before your period, maybe a day or two early, and clears up after the period begins.

Birth Control Pills

Women who take certain birth control pills containing progesterone may have inflamed gum tissues because of the body's reaction to the toxins generated by plaque. That’s because progesterone increases the hormone levels in the body. So, inform your dentist if you use an oral contraceptive.


A woman’s hormone levels change drastically during pregnancy. These increased progesterone levels can lead to gum disease at any time, known as pregnancy gingivitis.

Dentists often recommend professional cleaning during the second trimester to reduce these chances.


Numerous dental problems can arise as you age and due to the hormonal changes menopause brings. Some changes include burning sensations in your mouth, increased sensitivity, change in taste, and dry mouth.

A dry mouth can cause your tooth to decay and lead to gum disease as there isn’t enough saliva to moisten the mouth and neutralize acids plaque produces. Women are more likely to lose bone density as estrogen levels decline during menopause. Loss of bone, particularly in the jaw, can result in tooth loss.

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