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How Preventive Dentistry Can Help Avoid a Dental Emergency

If you dread visiting your local dentist, you are not alone. Nearly 1 in 4 people in the US live with untreated tooth decay, and about half of US residents older than 30 years are diagnosed with gingivitis.

The resistance to dental visits stems from the misconception that dental treatments can be extremely painful or expensive. It is important to distinguish preventive dentistry from orthodontics. Preventive dentistry can help avoid painful dental issues and their treatment costs.

Experts at Waterfront Family Dentistry suggest regular dental visits to maintain good oral health and avoid severe issues. Here are a few reasons why you should be visiting your local dentist regularly:

Dental Cleanings

Dental visits involve the evaluation of your oral health. If your local dentist in Frisco notices plaque or tartar buildup, they can give you a thorough cleaning to prevent cavities. Cleaning can also be suggested if your dentist notices discoloration.

Regular scaling prevents cavities and treats receding gums and early stages of gum inflammation. This is why adults with no history of dental problems are recommended to visit their dentist every six months. Patients with a history of cavities or gum infections should be more frequent in their visits to prevent recurring issues.

Preventing Enamel Wear Down

Your enamel tends to wear down with age. However, certain eating habits and teeth grinding disorders can result in early enamel erosion. Brushing your teeth too aggressively can also damage your enamel. Your dentist can detect the issue early and start the treatment.

Possible treatment plans include fluoride gel applications and sealants. Fluoride can strengthen your enamel and prevent the future occurrence of cavities. If the dentist notices rough edges on your teeth, they may use sealants to fill cracks and smoothen the tooth surface. Your dentist can also advise you to avoid acidic foods to prevent further enamel damage.

Advising Healthy Dental Practices:

Your dentist can investigate if your dental issues are due to bad oral health practices. They can advise you on the proper way to brush and floss to avoid plaque buildup and gum infections. Depending on your oral health, they can also advise you to avoid foods that are high in sugar and starch components.

If your dentist notices visible damage to your gums and teeth due to smoking, they can recommend you resist your urge to consume tobacco. They can also suggest increasing your water consumption to prevent staining and bacterial buildup.

Early Detection Of Dental Issues

Your mouth can indicate a lot about your overall health. This is why availing preventive dentistry services on a biannual basis can help in the early detection of oral health issues. These issues include peritonitis (gum disease), tooth decay, tooth infection, and even mouth and throat cancer.

If cavities and infections are detected earlier, your dentist can take appropriate measures to prevent tooth loss. Timely treatment of gum infection can save you from heart diseases, diabetes, gastrointestinal issues, and blood infections.

Good oral health can save you from many health risks. While regular dental visits are recommended, you should not wait for your next scheduled appointment in case of a dental emergency.

Waterfront Family Dentistry has dental clinics across Frisco, Little Elm, Plano, and The Colony. Our dentists have extensive experience providing preventive dentistry and orthodontics services using state-of-the-art technology.


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