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Here’s How You Need to Care for Your Child’s Teeth With Braces

Around 4.5 million children wear braces in the United States. While taking care of your child's oral health is already difficult, having braces means double trouble for the parents.

Braces can help your kids get a picture-perfect smile and fix their misaligned teeth, but they can often cause pain and irritation and restrict them from eating your favorite meal.

Helping your kid follow the proper care routine can do wonders for their oral health and avoid problems such as tooth infection, bad breath and plaque buildup. If you or your kid is new to having braces, follow these braces care tips, and you should be good to go!

Encourage Regular Brushing

While this may seem obvious, even if you habitually brush your teeth twice a day, it's important to reiterate. Many small spaces and cavities between your brackets and wires are perfect spots for food to get stuck in, so it might be a good idea to brush after every meal.

Getting a special brush made for people with braces might be a good idea. These brushes have smaller brush heads that reach those tricky spots.

Avoid Certain Foods

You should never give your kids very hard or sticky foods. By doing so, you risk breaking their braces or brackets. For example, if you want them to eat an apple, cut it into pieces with a knife before giving it to them.

Make sure your kids stay away from:

  • Candies

  • Tough meat

  • Crunchy chips

  • Popcorn

  • Hard-crusted bread

  • Nuts

Flossing Is Important

Your dentist would first ask your kid if they floss regularly. So, ensure you make them floss at least once a day so that you can truthfully answer yes. Ask your dentist to show you the best way to floss to prevent any plaque buildup along your gums or around your brackets.

Depending on how often they need to see you, you should visit the dentist every few weeks or once a month. Not only do they put your braces on and tighten them, but they can also help you learn how to care for and maintain your braces properly.

It would help if you always encouraged your kids to ask questions about the process, food or anything in general whenever they are in doubt.

For expert services, reach out to Waterfront Family Dentistry in Frisco. We provide all dental services for you and your family.


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