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Here’s How You Can Prepare Yourself For A Root Canal Therapy

Your teeth are extremely important when living a happy, healthy life. From biting and chewing to smiling and talking, you need your teeth to be in tip-top shape. A root canal can help save your tooth in the event of a severe cavity. In the modern age, root canals are much more comfortable than before, and you can recover in a much shorter time. However, the procedure still requires some planning and foresight.

Learning more about root canals before heading to your dentist’s appointment can make the process and recovery much easier. Here’s all you need to know:

Ask questions

Let’s be honest—nobody likes going to the dentist. It’s rather nerve-wracking to get a dental procedure done, especially when you don’t know what you should expect. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions—no question is too big or too small, especially when it comes to your body. Get the most out of your appointment and ask about anything that comes to your mind regarding the treatment, such as questions about the cost, urgency, aftercare, and alternative options.

Your dentist can help decrease your anxiety by providing you with a careful explanation of the treatment and answering all your questions.

Discuss antibiotics

Root canals carry a risk of infection, which can cause pain and swelling. This can make the recovery extremely uncomfortable. Antibiotics can help reduce the risk of contracting an infection post-treatment. Make sure that you talk to your dentist about getting the right medication beforehand.

Avoid tobacco and alcohol

Tobacco products have nicotine, which causes changes in your blood flow, potentially leading to bleeding issues during the root canal. Smoking also tends to slow down the body’s recovery time. Alcohol dries the mouth, affects the way your blood clots, and increases your heartbeat—all of which aren’t great for a dental procedure. Make sure that you don’t take any tobacco or alcohol at least 24 hours before your appointment.

Head over to a dental clinic in Frisco, TX

If your tooth feels sensitive to hot or cold beverages, shows any signs of discoloration, or aches at random times, you might have a cavity. Leaving a cavity for too long can cause irreversible damage to your tooth, which might require a root canal. At Waterfront Family Dentistry, we provide top-notch services such as root canals, teeth cleaning, and tooth removal at affordable prices.


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