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Fun Facts You Never Knew About Braces

Braces help you get the perfect smile you’ve always wished for. The excitement of having the perfect smile is unmatched, but all can go to waste if you believe the myths and misconceptions associated with braces.

Here are some interesting facts about braces you probably didn’t know, as told by professionals at Waterfront Family Dentistry:

The Type of Wire Used For Braces Was Invented By NASA

Orthodontics has been in practice for about more than 300 years. However, it took a monster jump in 1959 when NASA came up with new metal called titanium.

Originally this heat-resistant metal was to be used to construct space shuttles, but its exceptional properties of being extremely thin and malleable made it the ideal material to create the metal wires in braces.

There’s More Than One Option for You

Most people are aware of the traditional metallic braces that have been used for years now. However, what the majority is unaware of is that metallic braces are not the only option to get your crooked teeth fixed. There are multiple ways to fix your smile.

If you don’t want your braces to be visible and wires hanging out from your mouth, Waterfront Family Dentistry offers Invisalign and Clear Correct aligners. You can even opt for porcelain braces if you don’t want them to be visible.

Braces Just Don’t Straighten Your Teeth

Giving you a set of perfectly aligned teeth is one of the main benefits of braces. But that’s not the only one.

Braces also help you fix your bite. What does that mean? It means if your upper teeth in the front don’t cover your lower teeth and your molars touch each other, you lack the perfect dental alignment.

This isn’t that prominent though which is why many people tend to ignore this. Fixing this issue will also help take the edge off many other problems like difficulty in talking, problems in biting, breathing problem, etc.

They Aren’t Magnetic

God knows who spread this rumor of braces being magnetic. This is untrue. They aren’t magnetic and don’t set off metal detectors. Neither do they interfere with radio signals or make you vulnerable to being hit by lightning. Also, they don’t interfere with any of the musical instruments you play, even the ones that you use your mouth to play.

If you want to have that Hollywood smile with a perfectly aligned set of pearly whites, visit Waterfront Family Dentistry now! We help realign your crooked, uneven teeth and set them into their actual place.

Contact us to have a perfect smile that makes you feel confident.


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