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Can COVID-19 Have an Impact on Your Teeth?

Patients who were infected with the coronavirus display a variety of symptoms. The most common symptoms show that the virus affects the respiratory system. But as scientists and doctors learned more and continue to learn about the virus, more details have come to light. Those who were infected begin to see an increased amount of hair fall and some even suffered lapses in memory. Now doctors are reporting patients who are suffering from weak gums and enamel loss.

Symptoms of COVID-19

The coronavirus evolved drastically over the last two years. And as time passed doctors realized that no two patients have the same symptoms. This makes it harder to find the cause of the concern.

While research is ongoing, there are a lot of dental issues that have been reported by patients. Many have informed that after they contracted the disease their teeth turned grey, loosened, and fell out. These patients were not suffering from any previous dental concerns.

Impact on Blood Flow

From research we can now confidently state that COVID-19 impacts the blood flow in your body. Proper blood flow is crucial to keeping your organs healthy. If the vascular system is damaged by the virus, the blood will fail to reach where it needs to. If any body part, such as your teeth, doesn’t receive the normal amount of blood, your teeth may start to decay.

Overproduction of Cytokines

Cytokine storms became infamously associated with COVID-19. In this situation, the immune system turns on itself. More immune cells are called to the point of injury and the excessive amount of cells can damage the organ. This could take place in the mouth, and in turn damage your teeth.

The Dental Health of Kids

The coronavirus symptoms were less severe for kids, and did not suffer from the side-effects. Unfortunately, dental problems are also being reported in kids who suffered from the virus. According to parents, their recovering kids suffered from gum infections, tooth decay and loose teeth despite having no past concerns.

What Can You Do?

If COVID-19 can give rise to dental issues, it is important for everyone to remain vigilant. The virus is still being studied and you should continue to follow the precautionary measures set by the CDC.

If you are suffering with toothache or loose teeth, visit Waterfront Family Dentistry in Frisco, TX. We provide professional dental services to our patients. Contact us today to book your appointment.


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