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5 Prevalent Causes of Tooth Discoloration

Dental hygiene is vital to keeping your teeth clean and healthy. Pearly white teeth are a sign of proper care. If your teeth are staining or yellowing, you may need to pay attention to your dental health. Consuming a lot of sugary drinks and caffeine can cause staining of your teeth. Some of the most common causes of tooth discoloration have been listed below.

1. Dental Hygiene

If you are not brushing your teeth twice a day, you risk your teeth becoming yellow over time. The enamel of your teeth is damaged if your dental hygiene is not effective. Flossing your teeth also removes all the food particles in your mouth. This reduces the chances of your teeth being damaged by bacteria.

2. Chewing Tobacco

Smoking or chewing tobacco can discolor your teeth. These tobacco stains can settle deep into the enamel and become really tough to remove. However, they can still be removed from your teeth by booking professional teeth whitening services.

Consumption of nicotine also increases the risk of gum disease and weakens the immune system in the long run.

3. Food & Drink

Certain food and drinks can cause teeth discoloration. Products like red wine, coffee, tea, and even chocolate can discolor your teeth over time. Fruits such as blackberries and blueberries can cause brown spots to appear on your teeth, which can lead to tartar buildup. These products cause the teeth to get stained on the surface and are temporary. Teeth whitening services could help remove the stains and make your teeth white.

4. Diseases &Medical Treatments

Diseases like cancer, can contribute to the discoloration of your teeth. In addition, medical treatments for cancer, like radiation and chemotherapy can also discolor teeth. This treatment not only impacts the color of the teeth, but also increases the chances of other dental issues in the patient.

5. Aging

The enamel on your teeth gradually begins to wear off as you age. As the enamel reduces, the dentin underneath it is exposed. This dentin is yellow in color and makes your teeth appear yellow as well. As the enamel reduces, your teeth appear translucent and also makes them appear grey.

If you are facing teeth discoloration you should visit Waterfront Family Dentistry in Frisco, TX today. Our team provides professional teeth whitening services in Little Elm. Contact us today and have your dental concerns addressed.


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