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5 Common Myths About Root Canal Treatments

Even the mention of a root canal treatment can send a shiver down the spine. The endodontic treatment treats infected pulp underneath your tooth’s dentin and white enamel. Is root canal treatment that bad? Not really. Here are some common misconceptions about the treatment.

It’s A Painful Procedure

While it is true that root canal treatment used to be quite painful, with the development advent of dental technology and new methods, the procedure now is very smooth and not painful at all.

The American Association of Endodontists also endorses that root canal treatments don’t hurt as they used to do. Furthermore, dentists use numbing medication, so you won’t feel a thing when getting the procedure done.

The Treatment Causes Illness

Don’t believe the internet dentistry gurus claiming that a root canal procedure can make you ill. There is no current scientific evidence to suggest that the treatment has a direct or indirect link in causing illness.

It’s Better to Pull the Tooth Out

No artificial tooth can replace the beauty and look of those pearly whites. You should always try to save your teeth—having them removed should be the last option. Root canal treatments have an incredible success rate, and most procedures help teeth last a long time. Extracting and replacing a tooth instead of the endodontic treatment will only cost a lot of money, time, and a further visit to the dentist, not to mention the loss of those natural teeth.

It’s Expensive, Risky, and Time-Consuming

The cost of getting a root canal procedure is not as high as you think it might be. How much the treatment will cost depends on various factors, such as your insurance coverage and the type of tooth being treated. If you’re looking for affordable dentistry options, look at our Waterfront Family Dentistry loyalty program. It is designed explicitly for uninsured patients who require affordable professional dental services.

Furthermore, thousands of procedures are routinely performed across the country, making it completely safe and secure for patients. However, there are few complications, and not getting a root canal treatment done in time may cause future dental problems.

Moreover, don’t believe the notion that the procedure takes a considerable amount of time and requires you to visit the dentist a lot. Dentists across the country use cutting-edge technology to perform this endodontic treatment, meaning that you only have to visit them once or twice.

It’s Unsafe for Pregnant Women

Root canal treatments are completely safe for pregnant women. This myth exists because the procedure requires X-Rays. However, it is only necessary for the oral part and has nothing to do with the abdomen. Furthermore, the technicians always cover the abdomen area with a shield cover to prevent any rays from entering the body. Just inform your dentist before the treatment that you’re pregnant so that they can take appropriate measures.

The most common myth about a root canal is that you don’t need to follow up with your dentist after getting the procedure done. Routinely visiting your dentist will ensure the safe restoration of your tooth.

If you’re looking for expert root canal treatment in Frisco, TX, contact us immediately at Waterfront Family Dentistry. We also provide other general dental services such as tooth extraction, wisdom teeth removal, teeth whitening in Frisco, Plano, and The Colony.


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