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No More Pain—How to Keep Your Extractions As Pain-Free As Possible

In total, the average person is meant to have a total of 32 permanent teeth. However, in certain cases, even though teeth are meant to last a lifetime, there are reasons why tooth extractions are necessary.

There can be different reasons why your tooth or teeth need to be extracted—it’s decayed beyong repair, during braces to make room for other teeth, an impacted a aaawisdom tooth, tooth infections or crowding of the mouth.

If proper care is taken, the procedure can be carried out smoothly.


After surgery, a blood clot is going to form in place of the extracted tooth. To keep that in place, smoking, excessively washing the mouth and drinking from a straw should be avoided. All these activities tend to create a suction and can cause discomfort.

Keep a look out for excessive bleeding after an extraction. Even though blood mixed with saliva is normal for a few hours after the extraction, if it doesn’t stop or seems to increase, go back to the dentist.


Due to the unnatural pulling and tugging of the lips and cheeks during an extraction, it can lead to swelling. To reduce it, using an ice pack or a cold cloth to press against it to help control the swelling.


Processed foods should be avoided which will require hard chewing. A soft diet such as yogurt, soup and pudding should be adopted for a few days till the swelling is reduced. Steadily, solid foods can be incorporated back into the diet till the extraction area heals.


Strenuous and exhausting activities should be avoided for at least a day. It tends to increase the blood flow and the blood pressure. After an extraction, it is integral the blood pressure is kept down as the body needs time to heal and to allow a blood clot to form.


After extraction, it is necessary to go back to the dentist for follow up appointments about 24–48 hours later. The dentist can pick up on things that may lead to complications.

Get in touch with us for wisdom teeth removal or oral surgery extraction. Call us at 972-987-4343 to book an appointment and get help from our professional dentists.

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