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What You Should Look for in a Good Pediatric Dentist

Your child’s smile is invaluable. Unfortunately, it’s under constant threat of tooth decay and bacterial infections. In fact, it’s reported that 1 in every 5 children in America have at least one untreated decaying tooth. This is because of exposure to candy and sweets, among many other reasons.

In such scenarios, it’s imminent that you have a trusted and skillful pediatric dentist in your corner. However, trusting someone with your child’s smile without doing a background check may cause a dent in that smile and your bank account. So choose wisely.

Here are a few things you should look for in a good pediatric dentist before you trust them with your child’s oral health:


Expertise in the field of dentistry is a given, but what gives one pediatric dentist an edge over another is their experience with children. Sometimes, the most skillful practitioners can lack experience with younger patients. So it’s recommended that you find out if the dentist has treated children before, and how they were reviewed by said children’s parents, before you subject your child to their care.

People’s skills

Some dentists think coming off as standoffish is a sign of professionalism. And while this may work with adults, it can be distressing for children. Dental care is already very daunting to begin with; you should look for a dentist who has great interpersonal skills so they can comfort your child if they get too overwhelmed.

A Child-Friendly Space

While a child-friendly attitude is important, it’s not enough. The interior of the clinic should be tailored to children. Having a couple of stuffed toys in the waiting doesn’t cut it. The whole space should seem welcoming to the child. Take a tour to the dental office before you take your child to the dentist.

Child-sized supplies

Children are tiny, and so are their mouths; therefore, it’s important that a pediatric dentistry has an ample supply of child-sized apparatus that’s not too big or discomforting for your child’s mouth.


Like all of us, children need to feel respected. Most dentists dismiss this, but a good pediatric dentist understands that in order to build trust, they first have to make them feel respected, heard, and valued. This can be time-consuming in the beginning, but it makes the rest of their dental visits easier and more enjoyable for the child. Look for a dentist who can hold a conversation with your child and can explain to them in kids’ terms what the procedure is about.

Your child deserves the best, especially when it comes to dental care. Don’t compromise, and find the right pediatric dentist for them. Dr. Lavi, DMD of Waterfront Smiles, Frisco, TX is all the things mentioned above and more! She has over 13 years of experience and has two children of her own so she’s well-versed in child speak! Schedule an appointment with her or give us a call to never lose your child’s perfect smile!

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