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Why Do Wisdom Teeth Hurt?

Many of us have dealt with the pain and agony that comes with wisdom teeth. We can’t eat, we can’t chew and in some cases, the pain can be debilitating.

Impacted wisdom teeth are enclosed within the soft gum tissue, partially erupting, leaving gaps around them. When bacteria start depositing in these gaps, they lead to swelling, infection and pain.

Here’s all you need to know about wisdom teeth, why they hurt and what you can do to alleviate the pain:

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth in the rear end of your gums, which are also known as third molars. Most adults have 32 teeth, including 4 wisdom teeth, one in each corner and are the last adult teeth to erupt, if they do at all.

They normally develop during the early 20s and can cause multiple dental issues either due to lack of sufficient space. Due to limited space, wisdom teeth may erupt partially through the gums, often at an irregular angle. Such wisdom teeth are also called impacted, and these are ones that need to be extracted.

They can cause severe pain and damage to surrounding teeth. They are also known for causing dental problems such as, impaction into the gum or neighboring teeth and overcrowding. However, all wisdom teeth don’t cause immediate issues, regardless of them being impacted or not, they’re simply harmless.

The Pain Symptoms

If you haven’t had either of your wisdom teeth removed, or they haven’t come out yet; you’re probably wondering when the experience will start. Here are the common symptoms:

  1. You'll sense wisdom teeth pain at the back end of your mouth, behind the molars.

  2. Use a mirror to see if there’s any tooth erupting at the back of your mouth.

  3. In case of a wisdom tooth, you might feel inflammation or swelling in the gums.

If you start experiencing any other sort of pain consult a dentist right away. The dentist will be able to advise the best course of action.

The Home Remedies

So, you’ve made the appointment for your wisdom teeth removal, but your dentist is unable to accommodate you in his schedule before next week. Make use of home remedies that will help ease the discomfort from your wisdom teeth.

  1. Apply ice cubes to aching gums.

  2. You may purchase over-the-counter painkillers that may temporarily ease the pain.

  3. From the day you begin feeling the pain, regularly rinse your mouth with hot salt water, it will keep the wisdom tooth site free of bacteria, reducing the chances of infections.

If you’re experiencing wisdom teeth pain or have any sort of dental emergency, give us a call Waterfront Dentistry. We provide a range of dental services, from wisdom teeth extraction and teeth whitening in The Colony, Little Elm, and Frisco, TX.

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