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Dental Care for Children with a Sweet Tooth

Who doesn’t love mindlessly devouring into candies, chocolates, and all things sugary? The “sweet tooth” epidemic extends to many, regardless of their age or gender.

However, too many cakes, cookies, and other sugary foods can lead to cavities and tooth decay. If you’re a parent of a child who loves indulging in those sweet treats, we understand the struggle of maintaining their dental hygiene.

Consider our tips on how to care for your child’s teeth effectively!

Healthier food choices

They say you are what you eat, so make sure you choose the right foods for your child. Their teeth will immediately improve when they start to eat better. The more sugar they consume, the more their teeth will suffer from cavities and tooth decay. You may want to make them avoid sticky, chewy foods, and encourage them to snack less (or healthier) and consumer bigger, healthier meals too.

Brush away

This is crucial for someone who consumes sugary foods. Get into the habit of cleaning your child’s teeth from an early age. When your child is about three months of age, start wiping their mouth with a damp cloth every time they eat.

Move on to a baby toothbrush once their teeth start coming out, and try brushing their teeth at least twice a day. Flossing would be a bonus too, and you can start doing this once they turn three.

The role of fluoride

Fluoride helps in reducing cavities, and strengthens them by hardening the tooth’s enamel. Typically, children get a sufficient amount of fluoride by drinking water, but if your water does not contain it, you may need to start giving them oral fluoride supplements.

Ask your dentist if your child requires this, as too much fluoride can lead to harmful discoloration. Make sure to follow the instructions on fluoride supplements.

Routine check-ups

Sometimes despite regular attempts to maintain your child’s teeth, you might still be unaware of some existent problems. Take your child to a pediatrician who will examine the state of their teeth and gums, and refer you to a pediatric dentist if need be.

The American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, both recommend you start taking your child to pediatric dentists regularly from the time they turn one. It’s always better to get treated before dental issues worsen!

If you’re looking for a reliable pediatric dentistry service, head over to Waterfront Family Dentistry! Based in Frisco, TX, they offer a range of services your child could benefit from. They accept most insurance plans, and also offer a 20 percent discount on various dental services. Call them now at 972-987-4343.

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