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Dental Hygiene: Fun Ways To Instill Good Dental Habits In Your Kids

Parenting doesn’t always have to be about bouts of frustration directed toward kids screaming stubbornly and crying their eyes out in a battle over bedtime teeth brushing.

If Popeye could teach kids the benefits of having spinach and the importance of including vegetables in their meals, other cartoons can be used to aid the training process of encouraging dental hygiene in children.

While some children inch away from the minty smell of toothpastes, others dislike the rough bristles that scrub against their soft gums and cause soreness and bleeding. Flossing itself can be a concept alien for the untrained fingers of children which do not know how to twist and turn the thread between teeth to ease out food remains.

Some parents adopt the wrong approach toward teaching healthy dental habits in children.

Remember, you never scold a child for peeing in their diapers while they are being potty trained! Similarly, it is irrational and unjust to glare at your child for not brushing properly the first time. It is a process which takes time to become a permanent habit.

Here are a few fun ways to make dental habits an entertaining lesson for children.

Encourage Cartoons That Promote Dental Health

Depending on your child’s interests, a range of cartoons can be watched to easily adapt to a grown up routine of teeth cleaning. Remember, it is hard for children to move from a carefree routine of no cleaning to learning to brush regularly once teething begins.

Some shows that can be watched include every child’s favorite Sesame Street, Dudley the Dinosaur, Super Simple Monsters and Elmo.

Make Them Listen To Rhymes Encouraging Health Dental Routines

Instead of raving and ranting to your child about the benefits of brushing your teeth and hazards of not caring for their dental health in a language that is far beyond their intellectual capacity, it is better to do it their way.

Nursery rhymes are created to influence a child’s mind in a way that inculcates better receptiveness and encourages understanding. Also, this makes the dental routine musical and rhythmic which automatically makes it fun!

A few suggestions include “Brush Your Teeth” by Super Single Songs; “Healthy Teeth; Healthy Me” and “Kids Just Love To Brush” from Sesame Street; and “This Is The Way We Brush Our Teeth” from Little Baby Bum.

Make Concessions To Their Demands

Children do not always cry or throw a tantrum for no reason. Listen to what they tell you and pay heed to their complaints; there might just be a problem in the way you are teaching them the dental routine.

If a child is complaining about pain in the gums or sore gums, switch to a toothbrush with softer bristles. If they are complaining about the minty smell or taste of the toothpaste, start them off with milder toothpaste made for children. It might not be as effective in cleaning their teeth but it will surely pave way for a stronger habit in the future.

At Waterfront Family Dentistry, we believe in giving you and your children a dental experience that will reduce dentophobia and make the clinic a happy place for the child. Based in Frisco, Texas, we extend our dental services to Little Elf and The Colony.

We not only have experts who can handle pediatric dentistry skillfully but also offer advanced pediatric, cosmetic and emergency dental treatments to best resolve your dental problems.

For further queries, we are available at 972-987-4343.

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