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Pregnancy and Dental Health

Pregnancy is a special time in your life. There are vitamins and special foods to take along with specific exercise regimes to stick to. Not to mention all the food that gets sent back up. During this delightful time, many women forget one very important thing that caters to the health of their baby. Dental Health.

Hormones are a big factor to consider in this time because these create the biggest changes in your body along with all the mood swings and fluctuations in your appetite. Another thing they do is, make your teeth more vulnerable to gum disease which can impact the development of your baby.

According to a study, pregnancy can bring problems such as Pregnancy gingivitis, tooth mobility, tooth erosion, dental caries and Periodontitis due to lack of attention to oral health care, cravings and increased acidity in the mouth.

See your Dentist

It is best to see your dentist before your pregnancy.

This way, they can examine your gums; clean your teeth professionally if there is need and any problems that they see developing can be addressed head-on. Remember, dentists can detect many problems well in advance, and any procedures you need done can take place before the pregnancy as they can involve heavy medication and adjustment periods.

Dental Care is Important

It is vital that you skip your dentist visits and let your dentist know about your condition so any special care or instructions can be given in due time. Keep your dentist updated on any and all medication you are taking such as prenatal vitamins; this can change your dental care routine.

These regular visits and vigilance on your part can save a lot of trouble. If you experience discomfort or bleeding in your gums, then seek dental care immediately.

Eat Right

Sweet cravings are normal during a pregnancy but try not to succumb to these as snacking on sugary foods can increase the chances of decay.

Bacteria feed on sugar in your mouth and reproduce quicker which can cause tooth decay.

A healthy diet not only prevents sugar crashes but also helps your baby develop by providing the right mix of nutrients.

Don’t let Morning Sickness stop you

Some women find the taste of toothpaste can trigger morning sickness or make it worse. A good solution is to go for bland-tasting toothpaste that you can ask your dentist can recommend. It is very important to rinse your teeth after vomiting as the acids from your stomach can damage the enamel of your teeth and affect your gums.

So, book your appointment today with a practice committed to providing you the comfort you deserve.

t Waterfront Family Dentistry, we ensure you get all your problems addressed with same day dentistry and emergency dental services in Frisco. We have a range of services including tooth extraction, Invisalign, root canals and cosmetic dentistry services.

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