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Stay Cool But Avoid The Sugar

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the bar-b-que is in full swing. You reach for that glass of soda knowing it is going to wreak havoc on your teeth but you still do.

The next day, you reach for that colorful lollipop and then that tempting cone of ice cream.

We won’t ask you to give up the sweet things in life, but what you can do is be mindful of what you reach for. Swap a few things and keep up the dental regime and your summer doesn’t have to be boring!

Here are some foods you need to avoid:

Corn on the cob: While very popular food for parties and carnivals during the summer, the method of eating this food creates problems because the food can get stuck in the gaps between your teeth. This can be food for bacteria and lead to cavities. So if you don’t wish to skip the corn, make sure to floss later.

Iced Coffee: Iced coffee contains caffeine which can stain teeth and the high amount of sugar can cause some serious risks of cavities.

Many people have the habit of chewing the ice and we can’t blame you for that in the summer heat. But this can put you at a risk of a chipped tooth. Instead, go with sugar free syrup into the coffee and avoid the ice.

Ice Cream and Popsicles: These contain a big amount of sugar and sometimes also contain dyes to color them both of which can stain and increase the chances of tooth decay. These treats are especially attractive for children who aren’t too keen to brush their teeth afterwards.

Sauces: This is our least favorite because who wants to eat a burger without ketchup and what is a party without all those delicious sauces but unfortunately, the mix of sugars and vinegars can be horrible for your teeth.

Alcohol: Alcohol can cause tooth decay, dry mouth and dehydration which can all be bad for your teeth. So try and avoid drink with alcohol and especially those with sugar.

Once summer is over, don’t forget to schedule a consultation with a dentist to make sure there is no lasting damage done and take care of any problems before they arise. We at Waterfront Family Dentistry are committed to your smile so call us today (972-987-4343) to ensure your pearly whites stay that way!

We also offer packages for uninsured patients and have numerous discounts to make dental care as affordable as possible for everyone. Based in Frisco, we have a range of dental treatments for both kids and adults.

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