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Take Care Of Your Teeth While You Travel

Travelling is a delight: new places, people and delicious food. You may be bringing in new memories in your suitcase but don’t pack germs and cavities!

When you’re busy having the time of your life, your oral health takes a backseat and this can leave you with more than just post-vacation bliss.

Get yourself Checked

While a lot of people worry about getting shots before traveling, it is always a good idea to get your teeth checked to make sure your trip won’t be cut short by an unforeseen dental emergency.

Keep in Touch

Always have the numbers of your doctors on hand; many emergencies can be delayed and made less stressful simply by taking advice over the phone when you cannot visit in person. This way, you can easily find out whether the problem needs immediate attention or not.

When Overseas

Get in touch with the hotel concierge or with the embassy. They can help connect you with a dentist who will be available locally, instead of having to worry about this emergency your entire trip.


It is obvious that you must pack any and all essential dental health products but what happens when you forget the toothbrush?

You can rinse your mouth vigorously or use a small amount on your finger and clean your teeth in the time it takes you to find a replacement.

Gum is your Friend

Sugarless gum not only lowers ear pressure during flights, but also causes saliva to flow. If you can’t brush your teeth during flights or after a meal, chewing gum can help get the saliva flowing which will take the bacteria along with it.

Get back to Brushing

As soon as you’re back, get back on track with your brushing schedule. With brushing twice for 2 minutes and regular flossing your teeth can get back to optimum condition.

Finally, avoid snacking on sticky foods, and sugary treats to prevent cavities. Also pack an extra toothbrush in case you lose yours.

We Can Help

You can call us at 972-987-4343 to find out whether your problem is big enough to be looked at right then or it can wait. For a full checkup before your trip, you can visit our site and book yourself a comprehensive exam to make your flight stress-free!

If you are in a hurry, we also do emergency exams!

Based in Frisco, we are known for our family friendly practice and affordable dental solutions. We provide various discounts and have affordable packages for uninsured patients. We also have a range of dental treatments for kids.

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