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Tips for Emergency Dental in Frisco

We tend to ignore toothache until it becomes unbearable. Our fear of the dentist keeps us from getting the help we need. But there are some cases of emergencies that should not be put off, where you should seek help immediately.

In the following cases, you should seek emergency dental:

1) Broken tooth:

If you’ve fallen over, had a sports injury or have been hit by something in the mouth that has caused your tooth to break, you should seek emergency dental services.

For smaller cracks, you can wait until your dentist is available for proper business hours. However, if the crack is severe, if the tooth has been knocked out completely or if there is evident damage to the nerves, you should look for medical help immediately.

The location of the broken tooth is a major factor as to when you do or don’t require emergency services – the closer your tooth is to the nerves, the more serious your injury is.

2) Lost fillings

Lost fillings may seem like something that can wait, but it leaves your tooth vulnerable. It can lead to pain and increase the chances of an infection. Leaving your tooth unprotected could ruin it. Seek immediate help for lost fillings.

3) Excessive bleeding

In the case your mouth has undergone some sort of trauma that is causing it to bleed excessively, you should look for emergency dental services. Bleeding implies there is an open wound in your mouth which requires medical attention.

Any open wounds in your body are susceptible to infections and dental wounds are no different. The wound will need to be disinfected with a microbial solution and may require stitching.

4) Post-procedure complications

Patients need to care for their teeth after they have undergone a procedure such as wisdom tooth extraction or a root-canal.

Without proper after-care, the tooth can develop an infection and possibly an abscess. If you’re experiencing unbearable pain, bleeding or a bad-taste in your mouth, seek medical help immediately.

At Waterfront Family Dentistry, we know exactly how traumatic dental injuries can be. Not only are they incredibly painful, you’re constantly thinking about losing your tooth forever. Missing teeth is never a good look for anyone, right?

Require emergency dental services in Frisco? Call 972-987-4343 now, we’re at your service!

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