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You Don’t Need To Visit The ER For That Dental Emergency!

Visiting the ER for even the smallest medical ‘emergency’ is something your favorite soap character might do, but what about real people?

Surprisingly, ER visits for issues that don’t need an ER visit are increasing especially during the holiday season. Unnecessary trips not only waste your time but also waste a doctor’s precious work hours.

Rising Problem for Doctors in Texas – One Visit at a Time

Preventable and unnecessary, these ER visits manage to drain everyone’s resources and time. According to recent data collected by the American Dental Association, unnecessary dental related ER visits increased from 1.1 Million in 2000 to 2.2 in 2012. This makes about one dental related ER visit every 15 seconds!

Many Texas dentists as well as officials have proclaimed how these visits affect the healthcare structure of the nation. Problems that could easily be solved in a dentist’s chair are being taken to the ER despite introduction to a health reform.

What counts as a dental emergency? More importantly, which is the best dental practice that treats dental emergencies effortlessly but carefully?

Dental Emergency – What Is It

Any injury to the mouth that causes knocked out teeth, forced out of position and loosened or a fractured tooth can be categorized under dental emergency. Oral injuries are extremely painful and should be treated by an emergency dentist as soon as possible or within 30 minutes.

Have a Loose or Dislodged Tooth? Be Gentle with It

In many cases, your tooth won’t be completely knocked out. A tooth merely knocked loose is the best case scenario! Contact your emergency dentist immediately.

Meanwhile, on the way to the dentist, try to work the tooth back into its original position gently. This can be done with your finger or tongue.

How-to Deal with Slow Bleeding and Reduce Swelling?

Yes, there will be pain and some amount of blood and swelling. You can slow bleeding by placing firm but a gentle pressure on the wound. Doing this can also stop bleeding!

Swelling is easy to reduce with the help of an icepack, applied in 10 to 15 minute intervals. Avoid taking aspirin for pain management as this can prevent blood clots, leading to excessive bleeding.

The bottom line is – emergency dental services are available whenever needed so why rush to the ER! There is no need to visit the ER for dental related problems and emergencies!

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