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Don’t Have Time For Repeat Dentist Visits? Same-Day Dentistry Is Here

What if you didn’t have to wait for your dental appointment scheduled after a month, for a minor procedure? What if you could visit your dentist’s practice during your office lunch break and come back after a few hours, with shiner and whiter teeth?

There are a lot of what if’s that can be answered with one solution – same day dentistry.

Same Day Dental Procedures – Popularity and Convenience Offered

Forget weeks of wait for your veneers and crowns, wearing temporary dental related solutions, and making numerous trips to the dentist.

Waterfront Family Dentistry offers the same benefits of same-day dentistry that makes this option a good one.

No More Temporary Teeth Placement

The complete procedure for making perfectly fitted porcelain crowns under normal circumstances is a long one. First, your dentist needs to take an impression and send off to a lab for fabrication.

While waiting for the completed impression (which takes weeks), you’ll be required to wear a temporary crown.

Temporary crowns are uncomfortable, at best, causing irritation to surrounding gums and teeth. Same-day dentistry scraps the need for temporary teeth placement altogether!

Quick Changes with Same-Day Dentistry

Majority of dental practices in Texas outsource the fabrication of veneers, on-lays/inlays, and crowns. This increases the time of the procedure! Moreover, it’s difficult to get the right color or size dental fittings.

Same-day dentistry ensures changes to fittings are made during the appointment; you won’t have to wait another 2–3 weeks.

Less Time Is Needed For Procedure Completion

No one likes to visit their family dentist any more than is needed. Yet, most procedures requiring 2–3 visits are common without same day dentistry. With this service in place, Waterfront Family Dentistry offers patience procedures that can be completed in just one session.

Is anything better than this?

Fewer Injections with Same Dentistry Procedures

Injections aren’t terrifying to kids alone, but adults as well. However,theyare important for extractions or wisdom tooth removal. Local anesthesia means having mouth numbed and not being able to feel anything until effect wears off.

While your dentist will administer anesthesia prior to a procedure, additional shotscan be avoided with same-day dentistry. Are you looking for one of the most reliable and expert dental professionals in Texas? Call Waterfront Family Dentistry today!

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