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May 12, 2018

After years of orthodontic treatment, it’s a big relief to finally have your braces removed. But your treatment isn’t quite over yet—actually for many people, orthodontic treatment is a life-long commitment.

Braces are used to move teeth over a period of time. The momen...

May 11, 2018

If you have crooked teeth and didn’t undergo orthodontic treatment in your teenage years, you may feel like there’s nothing you can do about it as an adult. Uneven and overcrowded teeth can keep you from looking your very best. Braces are still an option for adults but...

May 5, 2018

Pregnancy is a special time in your life. There are vitamins and special foods to take along with specific exercise regimes to stick to. Not to mention all the food that gets sent back up. During this delightful time, many women forget one very important thing that cat...

May 4, 2018

The number of people who visit the ER for dental problems that are not emergencies or even urgent is staggering.

According to a study by the American Dental Health Association, majority of these visits to the emergency room could easily be diverted to a dental office. T...

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