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Dental Hygiene: Fun Ways To Instill Good Dental Habits In Your Kids

Parenting doesn’t always have to be about bouts of frustration directed toward kids screaming stubbornly and crying their eyes out in a battle over bedtime teeth brushing. If Popeye could teach kids the benefits of having spinach and the importance of including vegetables in their meals, other cartoons can be used to aid the training process of encouraging dental hygiene in children. While some children inch away from the minty smell of toothpastes, others dislike the rough bristles that scrub against their soft gums and cause soreness and bleeding. Flossing itself can be a concept alien for the untrained fingers of children which do not know how to twist and turn the thread between teeth to

Toothaches—Could They Be A Sign Of Tooth Decay?

The aches and pains that we experience in our bodies are indications of something going wrong. Pain is the language the body uses to communicate to the person where exactly the problem is and how urgently treatment should be sought. It’s the same case with toothaches. Even though tooth decay can occur because of multiple reasons, regular complaint of toothaches is one of them. Pain that begins spontaneously in spasms because of no apparent cause or accident is largely indicative of tooth decay. Being the single most common health problem reported worldwide, tooth decays cannot be reduced just to toothaches that occur for no good reason. There has to be more evidence to support the cause of t