Stay Cool But Avoid The Sugar

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the bar-b-que is in full swing. You reach for that glass of soda knowing it is going to wreak havoc on your teeth but you still do. The next day, you reach for that colorful lollipop and then that tempting cone of ice cream. We won’t ask you to give up the sweet things in life, but what you can do is be mindful of what you reach for. Swap a few things and keep up the dental regime and your summer doesn’t have to be boring! Here are some foods you need to avoid: Corn on the cob: While very popular food for parties and carnivals during the summer, the method of eating this food creates problems because the food can get stuck in the gaps between yo

Take Care Of Your Teeth While You Travel

Travelling is a delight: new places, people and delicious food. You may be bringing in new memories in your suitcase but don’t pack germs and cavities! When you’re busy having the time of your life, your oral health takes a backseat and this can leave you with more than just post-vacation bliss. Get yourself Checked While a lot of people worry about getting shots before traveling, it is always a good idea to get your teeth checked to make sure your trip won’t be cut short by an unforeseen dental emergency. Keep in Touch Always have the numbers of your doctors on hand; many emergencies can be delayed and made less stressful simply by taking advice over the phone when you cannot visit in perso

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