What Is Considered A Dental Emergency?

Imagine tripping and getting a tooth knocked out in the middle of the night while you were getting yourself a glass of water—a night turned into a nightmare! Your dentist won’t be in till tomorrow and your mouth is bleeding… Such a scenario is referred to as dental emergency. Other examples would include toothache, trauma or swelling. What Includes Dental Emergency? If any of the following occurs, make sure to approach your dentist immediately. Tooth Loss Losing a tooth is not considered “normal”, especially if this is an adult tooth in question. This occurs in the instance of an accident, severe inflammation and or chronic gum diseases. Cracked or chipped If your tooth is cracked or chipped

5 Emergency Dental Treatment Tips

Imagine playing basketball and accidentally getting hit right in the face; there’s bleeding and you realize that your tooth is knocked out! Or you’re dealing with an inexplicable and excruciating pain in your molars, keeping you from consuming any food. These all constitute as dental emergencies. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 31.6 percent of adults aged 20-44 caries untreated dental problems. Dental emergencies can be avoided if the problem is handled as soon as if surfaces. Following 5 tips will help you get through the worst of dental emergencies: Preventive Measures Simple act of prevention can help you in a long run. Regular dental appointments

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