5 Hygiene Tips For Healthy White Teeth

Do you hesitate when you’re asked to smile for the camera? With all the photos we take now and the ability to zoom into them highlights all our flaws—unhealthy teeth being a big one. A smile is all it takes for the world to find out that you have poor dental hygiene. If you don’t look after your body, you can cover it with clothes but you can’t do the same for your teeth. It’s not all about the looks though; poor dental hygiene invites all types of dental and oral bacteria which bring a world of pain and numerous dental problems that can cause your teeth to deteriorate. You don’t want to have to say goodbye to your favorite foods right? Don’t forget the horrible stench that comes with the bu

Tips for Emergency Dental in Frisco

We tend to ignore toothache until it becomes unbearable. Our fear of the dentist keeps us from getting the help we need. But there are some cases of emergencies that should not be put off, where you should seek help immediately. In the following cases, you should seek emergency dental: 1) Broken tooth: If you’ve fallen over, had a sports injury or have been hit by something in the mouth that has caused your tooth to break, you should seek emergency dental services. For smaller cracks, you can wait until your dentist is available for proper business hours. However, if the crack is severe, if the tooth has been knocked out completely or if there is evident damage to the nerves, you should look

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