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A First Time For Everything – Making Your Child’s Dentist Appointment Easier

As a kid, nothing can be more daunting than a trip to the dentist. Movies aimed at kids like Finding Nemo often portray dentists in less favorable light which leaves them having their reservations about the dentist’s chair. As per a survey conducted by the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, around 9-15% of Americans avoid visiting the dentist because of fear and anxiety. We at Waterfront Family Dentistry want to put an end to that train of thought. Overcoming the Fear: The first step you can take to overcome this fear is to familiarize your child with the dentist’s office. This can be achieved by taking your child to the dentist just for a friendly visit. Make sure that your chi

7 Effective Tips to Recover From Wisdom Tooth Removal

Even though wisdom teeth removal may be inevitable; the pain that you feel after the extraction doesn’t have to be. Every year, dentists all across the United States extract millions of wisdom teeth as per the Academy of General Dentistry. Almost everyone who has had a wisdom tooth removed complains about the pain after extraction. But what people don’t know is that there are plenty of simple things they can do to ease their pain. Compiled below are 7 tips to recover from wisdom teeth removal. 1. Keep Your Head Elevated: The worst thing that you can do after surgery is to apply pressure to your jaw. As the wisdom tooth has been removed, the area is sensitive. Thus, it is recommended to keep

You Don’t Need To Visit The ER For That Dental Emergency!

Visiting the ER for even the smallest medical ‘emergency’ is something your favorite soap character might do, but what about real people? Surprisingly, ER visits for issues that don’t need an ER visit are increasing especially during the holiday season. Unnecessary trips not only waste your time but also waste a doctor’s precious work hours. Rising Problem for Doctors in Texas – One Visit at a Time Preventable and unnecessary, these ER visits manage to drain everyone’s resources and time. According to recent data collected by the American Dental Association, unnecessary dental related ER visits increased from 1.1 Million in 2000 to 2.2 in 2012. This makes about one dental related ER visit ev

Don’t Have Time For Repeat Dentist Visits? Same-Day Dentistry Is Here

What if you didn’t have to wait for your dental appointment scheduled after a month, for a minor procedure? What if you could visit your dentist’s practice during your office lunch break and come back after a few hours, with shiner and whiter teeth? There are a lot of what if’s that can be answered with one solution – same day dentistry. Same Day Dental Procedures – Popularity and Convenience Offered Forget weeks of wait for your veneers and crowns, wearing temporary dental related solutions, and making numerous trips to the dentist. Waterfront Family Dentistry offers the same benefits of same-day dentistry that makes this option a good one. No More Temporary Teeth Placement The complete pro

Teeth Whitening and You – FAQs to Help Make This Decision

Rifle through the pages of any glossy fashion or celebrity news magazine and you’ll notice one thing in common, apart from their gaudy clothing sense. Sparkling pearly whites! Blindingly white in their beauty, giving off an almost porcelain glow to anyone who sees them smile… Yes, a teeth whitening procedure isn’t a thing of fantasy. It’s an actual procedure that turns dull and yellow teeth into brilliant whites. Moreover, it offers many benefits – increased confidence and a beautiful smile being the most important. Yet some confusions about the procedure may hold you back from this procedure. Following are answers to some of the frequently asked questions. How Long Will the Procedure’s Effe