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6 Habits That Are Wrecking Your Teeth

About 120 million Americans today are missing at least one tooth, while more than 36 million people in the United States do not have any teeth, according to a study. As much as we focus on our dental health—flossing and brushing regularly—we have bad habits that are more than damaging to our teeth. We play sports, have drinks, and plan meals without thinking much about the damage they do to our oral health. Around 30% of people in the world today aged 65–74 have no natural teeth. It is common knowledge that a poor dental hygiene, teeth grinding, and smoking all have a negative impact on the health of your mouth. Added to this, drinking wine, having sugar, and even opening bottle caps with yo

Invisalign – 6 Reasons to Consider This Dental Treatment

Do you have misaligned and crooked teeth? Does your less than perfect smile affect your confidence? Here’s a fact: About 35% Americans alone have perfectly aligned front teeth! Healthy, straight teeth are an important component of a beautiful smile. They also enable you to speak and eat more comfortably. Many people, today, do not like the idea of getting braces to align their teeth. This is one reason Invisalign technology was developed. Invisalign – for the future Invisalign is a dental treatment for straightening misaligned and crooked teeth. It is a virtually invisible method, where you are fitted with transparent, removable aligners designed especially for your teeth. They offer all the