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5 Reasons Children Need Regular Dental Visits

As a parent, the health and well-being of your children is your top priority. It’s essential to get them off to a good start with their oral health needs. However, despite the significance of oral health, many parents are not sure when they should start taking their children to the dentist. Before we reveal the right age for a child’s first dental visit, let’s understand why children need regular dental visits: Cavities Children, including infants and toddlers, are prone to cavities. While there are a handful of reasons for this, infants and toddlers can develop cavities from bottles and sippy cups. Regular dental visit can keep cavities away from your child’s teeth. A dentist can identify a

The Truth About Root Canal Treatment

Are you scared of having your first root canal treatment? Fortunately, there’s nothing to worry about. Contrary to what others may tell you, a root canal treatment is not painful. Advanced dental techniques and tools have made the procedure relatively painless and comfortable. It’s an ordinary dental procedure for repairing a decayed or infected tooth and relieving pain. Root canal 101 Root canal, also known as endodontic treatment, is a dental procedure that treats the dental pulp. Located in the center of a tooth, this pulp is actually a soft tissue comprising blood vessels and nerves. It safeguards the tooth against infection. Additionally, it transmits nutrients into the middle layer of