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Cosmetic Dentistry: The Procedures Involved

Nothing lights up a face like a smile; this simple movement of facial muscles transforms your entire look. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on creating a beneficial change to one of the essential features of your face. A common misconception regarding cosmetic dentistry is that it only serves the purpose of improving the look of your teeth. In reality, most cosmetic procedures are done for restorative purposes. This includes treatment of teeth that are either affected naturally or due to some external infliction. Cosmetic dental procedures range from simple, one-time procedures to complex restoration techniques. Aligners Clear aligners or Invisalign are “invisible braces”; a step-up from the conve

All About Braces: What to Expect

Learning how to live with braces can be quite the hassle, but effective towards treatment of orthodontic problems. Not to mention a short while of effort is worth it for a lifelong perfect smile! Braces in everyday life Anyone getting their braces should learn how to manage them. Mistreatment of braces will only lengthen the time they’ll take to come off, and even cause harm to your teeth. Learn how you can manage wearing braces in day to day tasks. Eating Your teeth and gums will feel sore for a little while till you get used to the fixtures. It is advised you stick to soft foods for a few day and then return to a normal diet; but take a few precautions: Avoid extremely sticky and chewy foo